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Standard of ACSR

This product can press GB1179-83, GB/T1179-1999 and Q/SX107-2001 standard and American standard ASTM - B231 manufacturing.The product is suitable for fixed installation transmission power line.Rare earth products conductive performance is good, strong anti-corrosion, acid resistance, is suitable for humid coastal areas.

Use Features of ACSR

1. ACSR maximum allowable working temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.

2. Laying temperature should not be less than -20 ℃.

3. The wire allows bending radius of 12 times the cable diameter.

Model Picture of ACSR


Application of ACSR

ACSR used for overhead power transmission and other places, and can withstand considerable tension.

GB standard: GB14049-93

Conductor: aluminium

Bending radius:

Single core: 20 (D + d) ± 5% mm
Multi-core: 15 (D + d) ± 5% mm

Product Name and Model

Nominal Cross Section (mm2) Number/Monofilament /Diameter
Aluminum Steel
10/2 6/1.50 1/1.50
16/3 6/1.85 1/1.85
50/8 6/3.2 1/3.2
70/40 12/2.72 7/2.72
95/20 7/4.16 7/1.85
120/70 12/3.60 7/3.60
150/35 30/2.50 7/2.50
185/45 30/2.80 7/2.80
210/50 30/2.98 7/2.98
240/40 26/3.42 7/2.66

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