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BV Sheathed Wire

Introduction of BV Sheathed Wire

Wires can generally be divided into the following kinds:

Plastic copper wire: generally with the threading pipe used together, and more for the construction of the construction of concealed works. To distinguish between different lines of zero, fire, ground, design a different surface color, generally more representative of the red line "Fire Wire”, two-color line represents" ground”, blue line represents the "zero line”, but due to different occasions and different construction Of the conditions required, the color distinction is not the same.

Sheath line: A kind of double-insulated wire that can be used for exposed wire construction outside of a wall. Due to its double-layer sheath, its insulation performance and breakage resistance are greatly improved, but the cooling performance relative to the plastic copper wire has been reduced,so do not advocate multiple sheathed wire bundled with the use; that would greatly reduce its cooling capacity, too long will cause damage to the aging wire.

Rubber line: rubber line also known as waterline, as the name suggests can be soaked in water using the wire, and its outer layer is an industrial insulating rubber, can play a good insulation and waterproofing. Rubber line can be said for outdoor use, construction, and its good anti-damage performance and waterproof performance by many construction, industry, aerospace, marine and other departments widely used.

Home wiring can be divided into three types:

1.Hard wire (BV): for power supply, lighting, sockets, air conditioning

2.Soft wire (BVR): for power supply, lighting, sockets, air conditioning

3.Hard and soft wire (weak wire): respectively composed of a single wire and a number of copper core wire
BV line purchase precautions
1. Whether accord with national electrotechnical commission recognized product quality.(or "CCC certification)
2. Whether conform to the requirements of the electricity quota, product inspection certificate, product quality identification.
3. The purity of copper, the higher the purity the better the quality.
4 package copper core of PVC material quality, the better the quality, the lower the risk of leakage.
5. Each roll of wire length standard, whether the weight is enough, using temperature was minus 30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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