Good quality products always impress customers most and thus are the foundation of our brand. Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. has long been implementing brand strategy. The pass rate and excellent rate of our wire and cables has been separately stable at 100% and more than 85%. Excellent quality constantly proved by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of China in random sampling tests.

Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. established comprehensive quality management system covering market research, product development,raw material procurement, manufacturing,product testing, financial management,marketing and after-sales service,etc. Basing on perfect accountability mechanism for product, good product quality has been treated as the reason for Shengzhou ’ existence and also the source of its prosperity. The general manager is primarily responsible for the quality of products.

In strict accordance with the relevant requirements of ISO9001 standards, Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd.  has developed "zero defects” quality management systems such as "quality responsibility system”. Working skill training has been a routine to help employees in Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. meet the requirements of quality control and become the main force in the process of carrying out the quality assurance system.

The quality control staff recruitment mechanism has been carried out to smooth the management of the factory, workshop and different crew.Quality improvement suggestions can be given by them on time. Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. tries its best to make sure everything is attended to, everyone has his responsibility, each procedure has its standard and all products checked in the process of production.

Strictly produced in accordance with IEC and other standards, managed with ISO 9001 quality and environment management system, our products branded "Shengzhou " are now earning more and more trust from customers. Raw materials are required to be inspected strictly before they are stored in warehouses. There are strict regulations to each process such as raw material purchasing, manufacturing and inspection. Under the guidance of “Only good quality products leave our factory”, you’re guaranteed with wire and cable of excellent quality.


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