01-02 2020

    Methods to Prevent Damage to Electrical Wires

    In the daily production and household wire process, damage such as short circuit, burnout, and aging often occur. Then, by those means, it can effectively prevent the damage of the wire insulation and…

    12-14 2019

    How to Prevent Fire when Using Wires and Cables?

    Wires and cables can be used for aerial or underground use. Fire prevention measures must be taken in these two aspects. One of the precautions is to pay attention to the quality of the cable. When pu…

    12-07 2019

    Product Features of Aluminum Alloy Cable

    Aluminum alloy cables are mainly made of aluminum alloy. When used, their products have a variety of product characteristics.

    11-28 2019

    What are the Methods for Measuring Cable Insulation Resistance?

    First install the installed cable, fully discharge it and disconnect it with other equipment at the connection, wipe the cable connector clean, and maintain a certain safe distance from the equipment.

    11-19 2019

    What do the Different Colors in the Cable Represent?

    The red wire is the fire wire, the blue wire is the neutral wire, and the yellow or yellow and white wires are the ground wire. The most commonly used yellow, green, and red represent phase lines. It …

    11-05 2019

    The Three Advantages of Flat Cable

    Flat cable is suitable for installation and use in some special places, for example: power transmission, mechanical control for mobile equipment such as lifting equipment, cable tracks, trolleys, tran…

    10-25 2019

    The Reason Why the Cable is Hot During Operation

    When the power cable passes a certain load current, it always exceeds or exceeds the maximum continuous working temperature allowed by the cable (the maximum allowable temperature of the XLPE insulate…

    10-14 2019

    What are the Protective Effects of Cable Shield Layer?

    Cables are generally composed of a conductor, an insulating layer, an outer wrap, and an outer sheath. The function of the insulation layer is to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage accidents a…

    09-21 2019

    The Difference Between Power Cable and Control Cable

    The power cable is generally used for transmitting electric energy. The voltage connected to the cable and the current passing through it are relatively large. Generally, the insulation level is relat…

    08-29 2019

    What are the Hazards of Using Inferior Cables?

    We all know that it is better to choose good quality products, but some of them will attract some buyers due to the price concessions of inferior goods. When buying electric wires, you must not be che…

    08-19 2019

    Five Major Categories of Wire and Cable Products

    The main features of this product are: pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper-aluminum busbar, electric locomotive line, etc.;

    08-06 2019

    Application of Overhead Insulated Conductors

    The overhead insulated conductor application area is suitable for multi-tree areas. Lines erected on bare conductors, in areas with more trees, often the erection and maintenance of the lines will aff…

    08-02 2019

    Specifications for Overhead Insulated Conductors

    The specification of overhead insulated conductors: The overhead insulated conductors are available in aluminum core and copper core. In the distribution network, the application of aluminum core is m…

    07-29 2019

    Characteristics of Overhead Insulated Conductors (ABC Cable)

    The main features of overhead insulated conductors (ABC cables) are good insulation properties. Because the overhead insulated wire has an additional insulating layer, the insulation performance is su…

    07-27 2019

    ACSR Model Specification

    LGJ is the symbol of steel core aluminum stranded wire, where L is the abbreviation of aluminum wire, G is the abbreviation of steel core, and J is the abbreviation of stranded wire.

    07-20 2019

    Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Cross Section Selection

    The cross section of the overhead transmission line conductor is generally selected according to the economic current density, and should be verified according to the heating conditions, voltage loss,…

    07-15 2019

    The Analysis of Common Problems in Wires and Cables

    Some of the common problems in the use of wire and cable are as follows: 1. The phenomenon of scorching (1) The temperature reflects super high, or the instrument that controls the temperature fails, …

    07-11 2019

    Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Fuse Device Requirements

    The requirements of the steel core aluminum stranded wire fuse device: 1. The fuse should have the rated voltage and current, and try to indicate the size of the melt to be placed.

    07-08 2019

    Design and Manufacture of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    The production of the wire and the twisting of the strand should be such that there should be no obvious twist or loose strands after the wire is cut. When the steel core is cut and the aluminum wire …

    07-05 2019

    Different Working Principle of Various Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wires

    This kind of steel core aluminum strand can be divided into the first category according to the working principle of the equipment, which belongs to the old type of equipment, the sensational sound of…

    07-01 2019

    Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    The galvanized steel wire for steel-core aluminum stranded wire is an important metal material for the cable reinforcing core, which is mainly used in the long-distance overhead transmission line of t…

    06-28 2019

    Detailed Introduction of ACSR

    Steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR) is an overhead conductor material widely used in high-voltage transmission lines at home and abroad. It constitutes the main body of transmission lines.

    06-24 2019

    Does the Steel Core Aluminum Strand use Soft Aluminum or Hard Aluminum?

    As far as the current domestic steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is concerned, there are two aspects to determine its quality characteristics. The first aspect is the production process and technical…

    06-20 2019

    How to Identify the Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire?

    Although our social economy has been improved to a certain extent, there are still some bad businesses in society, producing and selling some fake and shoddy products. Also the steel core aluminum str…

    06-17 2019

    What is the Role of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire in the Power Industry?

    The role of steel core aluminum strand in the electric power industry is absolutely very strong, and we must not ignore this industry, because with power supply, our lives will become better. Househol…


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