06-19 2018

    What is the Appearance Quality of ACSR?

    Steel core aluminum strand is a kind of steel wire which is made of multi-twisting in one-time according to its stipulation use the prepared steel wire on the machine. Steel strands have aluminum clad…

    06-15 2018

    The Design and Manufacture of ACSR

    The production of the wire and the twisting of the strand should be such that there is no obvious back-twist or loose strand after the wire is cut. The forming of the steel core should be done when th…

    06-11 2018

    Galvanized Steel Core Wire Products in ACSR

    The steel strands are made by twisting together the steel wire according to requirements and become stranded wires. Since the material is steel, it becomes a steel strand. Different types of steel str…

    06-08 2018

    ACSR Determines Its Quality Characteristics

    Spot supply of high-quality steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire For the current domestic steel-cored-aluminum-stranded wire, the content of its quality characteristics is determined in two aspects.

    06-04 2018

    The Analysis of Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminium Strand

    The galvanized steel wire for ACSR is an important metal material for the cable reinforcement core, which is mainly used in the overhead overhead transmission lines in the power industry. In recent ye…

    06-02 2018

    What are the General Applications of Steel Srands?

    Galvanized steel strands are usually used for messenger wires, guy wires, core wire reinforcement members, etc., as well as overhead wires (earth wire/ ground wire) and barrier cables on both sides of…

    05-28 2018

    How to Divide the Specification of Household Wire

    With the continuous progress of society, in our daily life, the cables and wires are used in large quantities. The demand for electric wires in the market is increasing, and the specifications and mod…

    05-24 2018

    Selection of Wire and Cable

    When selecting cable, the elements of cable must be determined according to the performance and operating conditions of cable, and the cable should be selected according to the elements.

    05-22 2018

    The Use of Overhead Cables

    The use of overhead cables: overhead cable is a kind of cable construction method that hangs the cable rack on the pole with a certain height from the ground. Compared with the underground cable, alth…

    05-17 2018

    Three Major Advantages of ACSR

    The first advantage of ACSR is that its structure is very simple, so it is also very convenient to use, and it can also be operated by some inexperienced people. This reduces a lot of trouble for peop…

    05-15 2018

    What are the Favorite Advantages of ACSR?

    The advantages of the steel core aluminum stranded wire is a very simple composition, but there are very powerful, can be used in high voltage high rack, ensure the voltage output can be normal operat…

    05-11 2018

    Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Wiring Way

    There are many ways of wiring. The best wiring method is the wiring method that is consistent with the project. Therefore, we must integrate several methods according to the project situation.

    05-09 2018

    The Role of ACSR in the Power Industry is Irreplaceable

    The role of electricity in this industry is absolutely very powerful. We must absolutely not neglect this industry. After we have supplied electricity, we have made our lives better. Household applian…

    05-04 2018

    The Function of the Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    The steel core aluminum stranded wire has the advantages of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low circuit cost, large transmission capacity, and favorable for laying across specia…

    05-03 2018

    Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

    Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is mainly composed of a combination of steel wire and aluminum wire, and it is mainly used in overhead lines for power transmission. The main role of aluminum wire i…

    04-27 2018

    The Difference of PVC,PE and XLPE

    Polyethylene, English referred to as PE, which is a polymer of ethylene, non-toxic. Easy to color, good chemical stability, cold resistance, radiation resistance, good electrical insulation.

    04-23 2018

    The Characteristics of Low Voltage Cables

    0.6/1kV cable is called low-voltage power cable, the main insulation material is divided into polyvinyl chloride and cross-linked polyethylene,referred to as extruded insulated power cables.

    04-16 2018

    The Advantages of Rubber Cable

    Gongyi Cable Wire Co., Ltd. is a professional China Wire and Cable Manufacturers, mainly supply Aerial bundled cable,House Electric Wire, Insulated Overhead Cable,Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced,…

    04-13 2018


    The model of ACSR is divided into: JL/G1A, JL/G1B, JL/G2A, JL/G2B, JL/G3A. Among them: G1A or G1B refers to ordinary strength steel wire. G2A or G2B refers to high strength steel wire. G3A refers to u…

    04-11 2018

    Application Area for Overhead Insulated Conductors

    Suitable for wooded places. Bare wire erection line, in areas with more trees,often the erection of lines, maintenance and forestry greening are opposed to each other.

    04-07 2018

    Overhead Insulated Wire Specifications

    There are two types of overhead insulated conductors: aluminum core and copper core. In the distribution network, aluminum core is used more, mainly aluminum is lighter and cheaper, and the requiremen…

    04-03 2018

    Comparison between Nylon Sheathed Wire and Ordinary Wire

    Nylon-sheathed wire have excellent mechanical properties and their tensile strength is more than 5.5 times that of polyvinyl chloride, which is known as "soft armor."

    03-31 2018

    Main Features of Overhead Insulated Conductors

    Overhead insulated conductors have good insulation properties. Overhead insulated conductors have more insulation than bare conductors due to a layer of insulating layer, which can reduce the distance…

    03-29 2018

    Why Use ACSR for High Voltage Transmission

    Although the overhead conductor structure is simple, its role is extremely important. In the power network, the length of the line accounts for more than 90% of the total, especially in the 110kv-500k…

    03-24 2018

    High-voltage Overhead Cables VS High-voltage Power Cables

    Gongyi Cable Wire Co., Ltd. is a professional China Wire and Cable Manufacturers, mainly supply Aerial bundled cable,House Electric Wire, Insulated Overhead Cable,Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced,…

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