12-13 2018

    The Material of the RVV Cable’s Core

    The number of core wires of the RVV power cord is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires, and there…

    12-11 2018

    Use of RVV Sheathed Wire

    RVV line full name light PVC sheathed flexible wire, used in electrical, instrumentation and electronic equipment and automatic generation of power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines, …

    12-07 2018

    Technical Parameters of RVV Cable

    Sheath: flexible PVC mixture (PVC), grey (RAL7001). Core line identification: ≤ 5 core, colored core; black core with white number, yellow green ground wire. Number of core wires: 2-5 cores, 7-36 co…

    12-06 2018

    RVV Power Cable

    RVV cable full name copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as light PVC insulation, commonly known as soft sheathed wire, is a kind of sheathed wire. RVV cables are two or m…

    12-03 2018

    Relationship between Cable Voltage and Core Number

    Single-core cable: Longer lines,when the circuit with large working current or underwater laying is used, in order to avoid or reduce the intermediate joint, or the single-core cable has better compre…

    11-26 2018

    Basic Principles for Laying Cables Underground

    Under normal circumstances, the buried depth of the cable sheath to the foundation of the underground structure shall not be less than 0.3m.

    11-23 2018

    Hazards of Unqualified Sheathing Thickness

    After long-term operation of wire and cable, especially in direct burial, immersion in water, exposed to the open air or easily corroded environment, the insulation level and mechanical level of the t…

    11-20 2018

    Installation and Maintenance of Cable Bridge

    Long-span cable bridge is composed of extruded FRP profile, suitable for power cable, control cable, lighting cable and accessories.

    11-15 2018

    Classification of Wire and Cable Products

    Pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheathed layer, such as steel core aluminum strand, copper and aluminum busbar, electric locomotive wire, etc.

    11-13 2018

    Application of Wire and Cable Products

    The wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (bus bars), and power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables (substantially replaced by plastic powe…

    11-09 2018

    Single Strand Cable VS Multi-strand Cable

    As a single strand of wire is made of a thick copper wire, relatively more strands, a little hard, so in the construction of the line, relatively difficult to penetrate;and many strands of wire are mu…

    11-06 2018

    Knowledge of Power Cable Structure

    The power cable generally consists of a wire core, an insulating layer and a protective layer. The wire core is used for conducting electricity, and the insulating layer is used to insulate the core c…

    11-03 2018

    Application of YJV Power Cable Products

    This product is mainly used for power transmission and distribution in rated voltage 0.6/1 kV~1.8/3 kV power transmission and distribution system.

    10-29 2018

    Low-voltage XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable

    Low voltage XLPE insulated YJV power cable is one of the common power cables, even now many people say that power cable refers to YJV cable in general.

    10-26 2018

    Treatment Method for Moisture of XLPE Power Cable

    In urban power grid reconstruction projects, cables, especially polyethylene insulated power cables, have been widely used. However, due to the particularity of the cable, there are special requiremen…

    10-22 2018

    What are the Advantages of Copper Core Cable Compared with Aluminum Core Cable?

    Low resistivity: The electrical resistivity of the aluminum core cable is about 1.68 times higher than that of the copper core cable.

    10-19 2018

    YJV Cable

    Laying in metallurgical, electric power, construction and other industries indoor, cable trenches, pipes, buried directly and can not withstand mechanical external force fixed use.

    10-15 2018

    Talking about Cable Shipping Precautions

    Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable manufacturers, producing wire and cable, national standard quality, credit guarantee, high quality and low pr…

    10-12 2018

    Talking about the Rubber Cable Repairing Method

    There are many repair methods for rubber cable. The specific repair methods are described below. First of all, the equipment. Small pressure equipment with automatic temperature control, timing and mu…

    10-08 2018

    Standard for Selection and Purchase of Welding Wire

    According to the above eight simple verification methods, it is basically possible to identify whether the welding wire is a good quality welding wire product. If you need accurate data, use the appro…

    09-29 2018

    Product Introduction of Welding Wire(YH Cable)

    Special cable for secondary side wiring of electric welding machine and connection of electric welding tongs and electric welding machine.The structure of the electric welder cable is a single wire co…

    09-25 2018

    Production Process Requirements for Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    The steel core aluminum strand has both the excellent conductivity of aluminum and the superior strength of steel, so its performance is more excellent,the installation conditions are not too limited,…

    09-21 2018

    What are the Main Applications of ACSR?

    Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is mainly used in some electric power industries as well as in the transmission line industry. Its structure is mostly processed by a special process using a single-…

    09-17 2018

    Main Product Advantages of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is a single-layer or multi-layer aluminum wire twisted together, the structure of the steel core aluminum strand is very simple in the process of use, which ensures …

    09-14 2018

    Steel-Cored Aluminum Stranded Wire Delivers More Electricity to Us

    Steel core aluminum strands wire have many advantages that other wires do not have. For example, the erection of other wires will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and the erection of …

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