How to Prevent Fire when Using Wires and Cables?

Wires and cables can be used for aerial or underground use. Fire prevention measures must be taken in these two aspects. One of the precautions is to pay attention to the quality of the cable. When purchasing, you must choose a high-quality cable head. The second is to strengthen the monitoring of wires and cables during operation to avoid excessive load carrying. Normal operation, timely improvement; Fourth, keep the wires and cables dry to prevent moisture and short circuit; Fifth, pay attention to the accumulation of dust, which can also cause the wires and cables to ignite spontaneously, so pay attention to regular cleaning; Sixth, when laying cables, it is necessary to ensure a certain distance from the heat pipe. For non-compliant parts, fire prevention and fire prevention measures must be taken.

Finally, remind that whether you install wires and cables in public places or at home, you must install a fire alarm device, so as to avoid measures to omit the alarm measures can prompt us to fire.

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