Methods to Prevent Damage to Electrical Wires

In the daily production and household wire process, damage such as short circuit, burnout, and aging often occur. Then, by those means, it can effectively prevent the damage of the wire insulation and better protect the normal operation of wire and cable performance. The following are three emergency measures to be taken daily in the event of damage to the insulation of the wire.

(1) The current through the wire should not exceed the safe ampacity of the wire;

(2) Do not allow the wire to get wet, heat, corrode or be injured or crushed. As far as possible, do not allow the wire to pass through places with high temperature, high humidity, corrosive vapors and gases. The wire should be properly protected where it passes ;

(3) Regularly inspect and repair the circuit.

If there are any defects, repair them immediately. The old wires must be replaced in time to ensure the safe operation of the circuits.

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