What are the Methods for Measuring Cable Insulation Resistance?

Safety technical method for cable insulation resistance measurement

1. First install the installed cable, fully discharge it and disconnect it with other equipment at the connection, wipe the cable connector clean, and maintain a certain safe distance from the equipment.

2. Measuring shake table: 1kv megohmmeter for 1kv and below cables, 2500v megohmmeter for cables above 1kv.

3. Before the cable insulation is measured under the gas well, it is necessary to check the gas concentration of 0.5% within 10 meters around the roadway for remote measurement.

4. The measurement should first put the shaker flat, shake the handle to the rated speed, the pointer should point to ∞, then reduce the speed, short the positive and negative poles with the wire, the pointer should point to zero, prove that the shake table is normal.

5. When measuring, first measure the relative insulation resistance of A, B and three, measure the insulation between phases A, B and C, and finally measure the insulation of the grounding wire to the insulation. At the other end of the measurement, a special guard is arranged to prevent the cables from coming into contact or grounding.

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