The Three Advantages of Flat Cable

1. Flat cable is suitable for installation and use in some special places, for example: power transmission, mechanical control for mobile equipment such as lifting equipment, cable tracks, trolleys, transmission machinery, elevators, driving, tower cranes, telescopic mechanical equipment, etc. Communication lighting lines can also be used for the connection and installation of moving mechanical parts in indoor enclosed environments.

2. Compared with the round cable, the flat cable has the advantages of saving installation space and saving installation cost. When the number of conductor cores is equal, the bending radius of the flat cable is smaller than that of the round cable.

In the aspect of cable structure: flat cable adopts multi-strand twisted fine copper wire conductor, oil-resistant and acid-resistant PVC sheath; conductor wire core is arranged parallel adjacent; cable structure is soft, at the same time, yellow and green double color protection, core wire digital number distinction, more convenient for laying and installation.

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