35KV Overhead Insulated Cable


Use features

1.Rated voltage:35kV;
2.The cable laying temperature should not be lower than -20 ℃;

3.Short circuit (≤ 5s) conductor of the maximum temperature: XLPE insulation 250 ℃;

4.The maximum permissible operating temperature of the cable conductor is

a. Load bearing structure cable: XLPE insulation is 90 ℃;

b. No load bearing structure Cable: GB not specified, given the actual situation should not exceed "a" specified value.

5. Cable can be used for single-phase ground, the failure time of not more than 1min each time of the system,also can be used for the longest no more than 8h each time, the cumulative total of not more than 125h.

6.The permissible bending radius of the cable shall not be less than

a.Single-core cable is 20 (D + d) ± 5% mm, TR structure is 20Dmm;

b. Multi-core cable is 15 (D + d) ± 5% mm.

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