Advantages of Power Cable Lines

Its main advantages are:

1.Reliable power supply, cable joints are not affected by external interference, such as lightning, wind damage, ice and bird damage. There is no overhead lines common broken line inverted pole, porcelain flashover broken, and the short circuit caused by wire swing and grounding accident.

2.There is no need to erect towers and wires on the road, saving wood, steel and cement. In the urban areas, in particular, can reduce the harm to people, and make the city neat and tasteful.

3.Less influenced by pavement structures, suitable for laying in busy urban areas.

4.The operation is simple and convenient, the maintenance work is small and the cost is low.

5.For laying underground, relatively concealed, beneficial to the national defense security.

6.The large capacitance of the cable helps to improve the power factor of the power system.

Although there are many advantages of power cables, but also have the following shortcomings:

1.The cost is high, and the one-time investment cost is great.

2.It is not easy to change after laying, so it is not suitable for temporary use.

3.The branch joint of the cable line is not easy to solve.

4.To find fault is difficult,not as an overhead line can be obvious

5.Maintenance and recovery time is long, the production of cable joint T art requirements are higher, there should be specially trained technicians to operate waterproof joints.

In summary, whether the use of cables, should be based on the actual situation and aerial cable line after a comprehensive comparison.

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