Breakdown and Prevention of High Voltage Cables of Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wires

Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wires

Some accidents are due to the existence of tip, burr, impurity or moisture in the electric field. We can only analyze the possible causes of accidents from some superficial phenomena. By analyzing the accidents, the manufacturing level of the manufacturer, the construction level of the construction unit, the design level of the design department, and the operation and management level of the operation management department can be improved. To ensure the safety of the power grid and ensure the safe operation of the cable system, the following preventive measures should be taken:
1.Strengthen the inspection of cable quality. In order to improve the quality of cable manufacturing, measures should be sent to the manufacturer to supervise the manufacturing process. During the supervision process, many problems will be discovered.
2.Improve cable installation quality. In order to improve cable installation quality, adopt professional construction team and strengthen the technical level and quality consciousness of joint installers, and strictly follow the installation technology construction is an important way to reduce cable accidents. When laying the cable, the traction method should be adopted to prevent the excessive lateral pressure at the bend, and good technical measures should be adopted to ensure the installation level during the installation.
3.Adopt new test methods. In the completion test of cross-linked cables, avoid using DC withstanding voltage. You can use series resonance or VLF method. If there is no corresponding equipment, you can use 24h no-load operation.
4.Improve the design level. The design is a guide for construction. The local design units should strengthen communication and study, and fully consider the possible situations encountered in the long-term safe operation of the cable system, in order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the cable system.
5.Strengthen the operation monitoring. Local operation departments should develop or adopt corresponding detection methods according to the actual situation, so as to prevent in advance.

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