How to Choose and Purchase Twisted-pair Wires

1. Look

(1) Look at the packing case texture and printing

Check the cable box carefully and see whether the package is in good condition.

(2) Look at the skin color and logo

Twisted pair insulation should be printed with such words as manufacturer's origin, implementation standards, and product categories.

(3) See the stranding density

In order to reduce signal interference, each pair of twisted pair cables is twisted in a counterclockwise direction (also called twisting), and different pairs in the same cable also have different twist ratios. If the stranding density does not meet the technical requirements, it can be judged as a shoddy goods.

(4) Look at the color of the wire

After stripping the outer layer of twisted pair wire, you can see that it is composed of four pairs of eight thin wires of different colors, orange, green, blue, brown, and each pair of lines has a color line and a mixed color line. It should be noted that these colors are definitely not dyed later with dyes, but are made of the corresponding plastic. A network cable that has no color, unclear color, or coloration is definitely not a true wire.

(5) Look at the flame retardant condition

In order to avoid the burning and damage of the cable caused by high temperature or fire, the outermost layer of the twisted pair should have good tensile properties and flame retardancy.

2. Touch

(1)  In the normal case, the initial judgment can also be made by touching the outer skin of the twisted pair with a finger. The real wire feels comfortable and the outer skin is smooth.

(2) Pinch the body of the wire by hand and feel full when the hand is touched. The cable should also be free to bend to facilitate wiring. Good quality wires are designed with the convenience of wiring in mind. They are as flexible as possible, no matter how curved, and they are not easily broken.

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