Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flat Cable

Executive Standard: GA306.1-2007


Conductor material: Copper oxide-free core (copper content: 99.9%)

Number of cores: multi-core

Insulation material: PVC

Sheath material: PVC

Specifications: 0.75-10mm²

Rated voltage: 300 / 500V

The scope of application

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V and below, require fire-retardant occasions with electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, power plants and lighting lines fixed laying.


The use of high quality oxygen-free copper and environmentally friendly PVC manufacturing, product performance indicators are in line with national GB / T5023.3-2008 / IEC60227-3: 1997. With anti-acid, oil, moisture, mildew and other characteristics. Divided into ordinary, flame retardant, fire-resistant three kinds.

General: For construction and industrial distribution circuits for residential and commercial use (BV)

Flame Retardant: To prevent the spread of secondary fire as a target (ZR-BV, ZA-BV, ZB-BV, ZC-BV)

Fire resistance: used fir fire protection system (NH-BV)

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