Fire Retardant Wire and Cable

1.Fireproof performance, fire resistance rating not only meets international GB12666.6 class A 950 ℃ 90 min also can meet the UK BS6387-1994 specified in A level 650 ℃ 3 h B C level 950 ℃ 750 ℃ 3 h 3 h requirements, at the same time also tolerated in the combustion of water jet and mechanical impact.

2.The continuous length of both single-core and multi-core cable can meet the requirements of power supply length, the limit length of up to 2000 m.

3.Cross section size: the single core cable cross section can reach 1000mm2, and the multi core cable cross section can reach 240mm2.

4.Flexible,cable can be set on the cable tray, the bending radius ≥20 D, D is the cable diameter.

5.When burning smoke-free non-toxic, insulation adopt inorganic materials "non-combustible component", does not produce any harmful gases during burning, more will not occur secondary pollution, is a green environmental protection product.

6.Cross-section capacity is too big, cable cross section flow not only big and has a large overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements usually cable surface temperature of 70 ℃ or less and you wiring do not touch, also not contact with combustible materials, cable sheath temperature can reach 105 ℃.When overload fire cable allowed working temperature is 250 ℃.

7.Corrosion resistance, organic insulation fireproof cables sometimes need to wear plastic pipes or plastic pipes, easily aging embrittlement, iron is easy to rust; fireproof cable is not required to wear copper sheath pipe, copper sheath and good corrosion resistance.

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