Five Categories of Wire and Cable Products

1. Bare wire and bare conductor products

The main features of this product are: pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as ACSR, copper and aluminum bus, electric locomotive line;

2. Power cable

This type of product is mainly used in the transmission, distribution, transmission, change, power lines in the strong electric energy transmission, through the current (several tens to several thousand years), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).

3. Wires and cables for electrical equipment

The main features of these products are: a wide variety of specifications, a wide range of applications, the use of voltage in the 1kV and more, in the face of special occasions continue to derive new products, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables.

4. Communication cables and optical fiber

The size of the product structure is usually small and uniform, high precision manufacturing requirements.

5. The magnetic wire (winding wire)

Mainly used for a variety of motors, instrumentation and so on.

Wire and cable derivatives/new product

The derivation / new product of wire and cable is mainly due to the application, the application requirements are different and the convenience of equipment and reduce the cost of equipment and other requirements, and the use of new materials, special materials, or change the product structure, or improve the process requirements, or will be different Variety of products produced by the combination.

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