The Function of the Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

The steel core aluminum stranded wire has the advantages of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low circuit cost, large transmission capacity, and favorable for laying across special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys, has good electrical conductivity and sufficient mechanical strength, and has high tensile strength, tower rod distance can be enlarged and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels.

The interior of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is a steel "core". The outside is wrapped around the steel core by means of aluminum strands after being twisted. The steel core is mainly used to add strength, and the aluminum strand is mainly used to transmit electric energy. For high-voltage transmission lines, because the route of the line is limited, it is impossible to put multiple lines in one route. Everyone came up with a way to choose an approach, a set of towers, hanging multiple wires, that is, a line equivalent to a method of multiple lines; For the transmission lines of 500kv, most of China chooses the method of hanging four wires, which is named "four split lines". Originally, these four wires are four steel core aluminum strands, nothing special, not one is steel, three are aluminum; Corresponding to "bare" conductors, there are also overhead insulated conductors, most types are JKLYJ. It is an overhead aluminum cross-linked PVC encapsulated conductor. It has been widely used in Chinese cities and distribution systems with high reliability requirements for power supply, despite the high price, But it is the development direction of distribution line.

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