Material Selection of ACSR Should be Clearly Divided


In the process of power transmission in the power industry, ACSR tends to play a very large role, and companies that specialize in ACSR are also very numerous. When you order, you must have a certain understanding of the manufacturers, in order to know whether the quality of the ACSR produced by this manufacturer is very good or not, or we can know that whether the products produced by these manufacturer are qualified or not. This is also an important aspect of the choice of steel core aluminum strands, so can not be ignored.

In general, relatively good production companies, their brand in the market actually has many years of history, and has a better reputation. At the same time, when producing steel-cored aluminum stranded products, it is also necessary to pass some quality inspection certification, and relatively good production companies can provide these certification certificates.

Now generally use ACSR as overhead cables,because its overall cost is relatively low, and the transmission speed is relatively fast. The overhead installation process is also very simple and general work. The personnel can install directly without much complicated procedures, so now the overhead cables are all ACSR cables.

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