Nylon Sheathed Wire Use Characteristics

Nylon Sheathed Wire

1.Easy to wear pipe. The wire diameter is fine, and the friction coefficient is significantly reduced when wearing pipe.
2.Increased threading capacity of wire conduits. The wire has a small diameter and for a catheter of the same size the catheter can have a large number of wires or a large current carrying capacity.
3.Excellent wear resistance reduces damage to the insulation during wire penetration and laying. This is important to effectively reduce the potential for latent short-circuit accidents.
4.Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, good chemical stability, excellent oil resistance, liquefied gas and gas corrosion, effectively improving the reliability and service life of the wire. (Aging performance test proves that BVN wire is more than PVC The service life of the wire is at least doubled, reach 40 years or more).
5.High security performance. The tested BVN type wire has good thermal stability and heat shrink resistance. This will help avoid the possibility of short-circuit faults caused by overheating of the grounding point to cause the insulation of the wire to shrink and expose the copper wire.
6.Has the ability to withstand a considerable short-circuit current, 5-second short-circuit withstand temperature is higher than the normal PVC model. This is due to have the nylon sheath, and the nylon melting point is 215 ℃.
7.It has the same flame retardant property as PVC insulation. According to the experiment of experts concerned, the toxicity released by combustion is much less than that of PE.

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