Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Product Description

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

Steel core aluminum stranded wire, English name: aluminium conductor steel reinforced, ACSR is a single layer or multi-layer aluminum strands of stranded in galvanized steel core line outside the reinforced wires. Mainly used in electric power and power transmission lines.

Aluminium conductor steel reinforced is made of aluminum and steel wire twisted, suitable for overhead transmission lines. It is the internal steel "core", the external is the way through the stranded wire wrapped around the steel core; Aluminium conductor steel reinforced to increase the role of strength, aluminium strand mainly used for transmitting electric energy.

High-voltage transmission lines, due to the limited route path, and can not be in a path on a number of lines, people came up with a path, a set of towers, hang a number of wires, that is, a line is equivalent to a number of lines Method; for 500KV transmission lines, most of our use of four wires linked to the way, the wiring way, called dong thap and frame.

Aluminium conductor steel reinforced has the advantages of simple structure, convenient setting and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity and favorable laying of special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys. It has good electrical conductivity and sufficient mechanical strength, high tensile strength , Tower distance can be enlarged and so on. So widely used in a variety of voltage levels of overhead transmission and distribution lines.

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