Material Selection of ACSR


In the power industry, the process of power transmission, the ACSR has played a significant role, and there are many companies specializing in the production of ACSR, when we order, we must understand the manufacturers. So as to determine the quality of the manufacturer's steel core aluminum wire is qualified, which is for the purchase of ACSR buyers is very important, it can not be ignored.

In general better production enterprises, their brands on the market is also has many years of history, but also has the good word of mouth, at the same time, the production of the steel core aluminum stranded wire, is also need to pass some quality inspection certification, and better production enterprises, can provide the certificate of accreditation, so that, in fact is also a very important problem.

Now the overhead cable is generally the use of ACSR, because it is relatively low cost of the whole, and the transmission speed is relatively fast, the process of aerial installation is very simple, the general staff Can be directly installed on it, do not need any very complicated procedures, so now the overhead cable is the use of ACSR.

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