The Analysis of Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminium Strand

Steel Core Aluminium Strand

The galvanized steel wire for ACSR is an important metal material for the cable reinforcement core, which is mainly used in the overhead overhead transmission lines in the power industry. In recent years, the domestic demand for the product has increased. As cable has been listed as an important mechanical and electrical product, in order to increase the span of cable erection and prolong the service life, the electric power industry has put forward more and more higher requirements on the quality of cable, as the galvanized steel wire core cable, the quality of its quality will inevitably directly affect the quality of the cable. After 30 years of efforts in China, galvanized steel wire for ACSR has been improved in both output and quality.

Some plants are unable to strictly enforce the operating procedures. The surface treatment of the steel wire before galvanizing is poor, which affects the firmness of the zinc layer and reduces the winding performance. A small number of enterprises did not use water-cooled steel wire after zinc pot, and the thickness of iron-zinc alloy layer affected the service life of galvanized steel wire. Many factories do not have a clear understanding of the welding joint problem. Some enterprises weld after drawing a wire, do not carry out the technical parameter table of steel core aluminum strands, and some enterprises do not cool the drawing die in the drawing process. This also has a greater impact on product quality.

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