ACSR Determines Its Quality Characteristics


Spot supply of high-quality steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire For the current domestic steel-cored-aluminum-stranded wire, the content of its quality characteristics is determined in two aspects.

The first aspect is the production technology and technical level of ACSR. The higher the technological level and technical capacity, the better the quality of ACSR produced.

The second aspect is mainly in the steel core aluminum strands on the raw materials. The lack of qualified raw materials will be like "cooking without rice", so this is also the most basic factor for the quality of steel core aluminum strands. Therefore, to ensure the quality of steel core aluminum strands, we must also ensure the quality of raw materials in the production line, quality assurance, can supply a continuous supply of steel core aluminum strands of high quality steel wire and aluminum wire materials.

The ACSR is now a relatively high-end power cable. The ability of domestic production of such cables has been affirmed, and the application range of domestic steel strands is also increasing. The problems that plagued the quality of ACSR have been overcome by domestic manufacturers, and the main development direction in the next phase is the research on the independent intellectual property rights of ACSR and the exploration of environmental performance.

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