Galvanized Steel Core Wire Products in ACSR

The steel strands are made by twisting together the steel wire according to requirements and become stranded wires. Since the material is steel, it becomes a steel strand. Different types of steel strands are used according to their different uses. Such as galvanized, covered with aluminum, and prestressed steel strands.

China's steel strand manufacturing companies are mostly concentrated in the eastern coastal areas, and are sold in large quantities to foreign countries. The major export destinations are Japan, Australia, and Southeast Asia and other countries. The steel strands exported from China are excellent in manufacturing technology and have stable production and quality.
When selecting the steel strands, first check the appearance of the strands.

When galvanized steel strands are purchased, they should pay attention to whether the zinc layer is even and the coating is lubricated without defects such as scars or cracks. Moreover, the steel wire of steel strands should be tightly arranged and cannot be loosened, bent, or broken.

The pre-stressed appearance should be clean and clean, without any stains such as slippery agents, which will reduce the adhesion. The uncoated steel strands can have fine rust on their appearance, but they cannot form rusty pits on the appearance of steel strands and affect normal operation.
Aluminium coated steel strands shall not have exposed steel wires on their appearance, and the external aluminum layer shall be smooth and smooth. There shall be no phenomenon of peeling, and separation shall be strict and unrelenting.

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