Causes And Harms Of Cable Dampness

1.The new whole plate of cable at the factory, the cable ends all are sealed with plastic seal set. But in the construction site according to the actual situation have used a part of cable. The rest of the cable is simply packed with plastic cloth. Due to the cable is put in the open air and the sealing is not good, after a long time, it is inevitable that there will be water vapor into the cable.

2.When the cable laying, often need to cross the road and the bridge etc. Due to weather or other reasons, the cable trench is also often accumulated a lot of water. Installation process, the inevitable will appear the cable head submerged in water, because of the plastic wrap is lax or damaged and make the water into the cable. Also in the traction and wear tube, sometimes there will be the outside jacket or steel armor scraping phenomenon, when the use of mechanical traction, this phenomenon is particularly prominent.

3.After the laying of the cable is completed, the construction of the cable head is not carried out in time due to the limitation of the site construction conditions. The cable breakage without sealing is exposed to the air for a long time, even immersed in water, so that the water vapor enters the cable in large quantities.

4.In the production process of cable head (including the terminal head and the middle connector), due to the neglect of the construction staff, the newly processed cable ends are sometimes accidentally fall into the water of the scene.

5.In the normal operation of the cable, if there is a breakdown due to some reason,the water in cable trench will enter the cable inside along fault point.

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