The Solution Of Cable Dampness

According to our current technical strength and existing equipment, it is very difficult to deal with the water inlet cable. In actual operation, if you find the cable head into the water, we can only cut off  the front of a few meters, take a look at the inside whether it is dry, if not,to continue to cut off  the front wire. But if the entire cable has water, we can do nothing. Therefore, the cable water should be mainly to prevent the main, through long-term practice we summed up the following countermeasures:

1.At present, we in the city network 6kV system transformation using a 8.7 / 10kV grade cable. The grade cable insulation thickness is 4.5mm, and 6/10 kV grade cable insulation thickness is 3.4mm. As the cable insulation thickness increases, reducing the field strength, to prevent the aging of the water tree. At the same time, due to 6kV neutral small current grounding system in the single-phase ground, the cable should withstand 1.73 times the phase voltage, and by the requirement to run 2 hours, it is necessary to thicken the cable insulation.

2.The quality of the cable is critical to prevent the aging of the cable. When purchasing cables, you must choose excellent quality manufacturers.

3.To ensure that the cable head seal is good, for the sawing of the cable ends, whether it is stacked or laying, are sealed with plastic, the best use of cable-specific seal to prevent moisture infiltration.

4.After the laying of  the cable to the timely production of the cable head,due to the limitation condition does not immediately make,the cable head is placed the shelves after sealed.

5.To improve the technical quality of construction workers to strengthen the management of cable head production process, which can effectively prevent the cable head in the production process of water. Practice has proved that once the cable into the water, the earliest breakdown phenomenon is often the cable head, so the wire head made well, you can extend the overall life of the cable.

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