The Choice of Household Electric Wire

1. Smooth appearance and thick inner core

Look at the logo outside it, but also pay attention to its appearance. Qualified wires should be smooth and smooth, and its insulation and sheathing will not be worn out, and the above logo and writing is also clear, hand touched without greasy feeling. From its cross-section, its insulation or sheath thickness should be symmetrical and have a certain thickness, there is no partial core phenomenon.

2. The appearance of clear signs

Our country also has standard requirements for wires, on its surface should clearly identify the manufacturer's name, product model and rated voltage. So even in the use of the process, there are problems can find manufacturers to ensure that our rights and safety. But also pay attention to whether it is consistent with the data on the certificate to prevent the purchase of counterfeit wires.

3. The insulation of the outer plastic

For the wire, its outer plastic plays a big role. Should choose the plastic skin shiny bright, and the texture is more fine.

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