The Difference Between BV, BVV, BVR

1.BV, BVV, BVR difference between the three:

In simple terms: vv wire terminology refers to the meaning of two layers of PVC;

BV:PVC insulated copper wire, single core;

BVV:PVC sheathed copper core, two core;

BVR:copper core PVC insulated soft wires,


Fixed wiring requires a soft venue, the commonly used wires are BV, BVR, RV, RVV, not those large cross-section engineering cable, B series belong to the distribution line, therefore beginning with B.

BV is copper core PVC insulated wire;

BLV is aluminum core PVC insulated wire;

Voltage: 300 / 500V;

V is PVC, which is plastic, L is the aluminum core code,R is the soft meaning, to be soft, is to increase the number of conductors.

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