Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Cable

Aluminum alloy wires add alloying elements to electrical aluminum, at the same time through the technology adjusting, making aluminum alloy conductor mechanical properties increased significantly, avoid pure aluminum conductor low elongation, poor creep resistance, poor flexibility problems, increase the reliability of the cable system connection. In addition, maintaining the electrical properties of aluminum alloy and electrical aluminum conductor flat, above 61% IACS.
Aluminum alloy cable not only has completely replaced the traditional copper core cable in terms of electrical performance and safety performance, but more importantly, it is less than 50% of the cost of traditional copper core cable to meet the same electrical performance, saving the project investors A large number of power facilities investment costs, in line with China's building a conservation-oriented society development theme, green energy saving, economic and environmental protection, and in practical applications due to the equivalent premise of the aluminum alloy cable its weight is only half of the copper core, good flexibility (The bending radius is less than half of the copper cable, the copper cable is 15 to 20 times the outer diameter, and the bending radius of the alloy cable is only 7 to 8 times the outer diameter), the installation is more labor-saving and labor-saving, the installation period is earlier and the installation cost is also Greatly reduced.

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