How To Distinguish The Quality Of House Electric Wire

1. Look at the surface

In the selection of the electric wire, it depends on whether the quality of the wire system certification, whether there is a certificate, see the factory name, inspection chapter, production date and trademarks, specifications, voltage and so on.

2. Look at the copper

Formal qualified copper wire copper core is purple, luster, and soft handle.The poor quality of the copper wire copper core was purple black, partial yellow or partial white in colour, and as long as a little pull will break, the phenomenon is also often happen that the wires are broken inside.

3.Wire diameter

To BV 2.5mm2 electric wire, for example, the national standard BV 2.5mm2 wire diameter of the standard 1.78mm, but the allowable error of 2mm, so now the best national market standard 2.5mm2 electric wire diameter is 1.76mm, radius 0.88mm. Then the copper wire area = 3.14 × 0.88 × 0.88 = 2.43mm2, BV 2.5mm2 is the copper wire cross-sectional area is 2.5mm2.

4.Test the quality

When buying to take the head of a electric wire repeatedly bent, if it is soft, then the anti-fatigue strength will be better, generally like plastic or rubber feel flexibility is relatively large, when buying to see whether the crack on the wire insulator, If not, then the quality is better.

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