Matters Needing Attention In Application Of Industrial Cable

1.Buried cable across the buildings, roads, susceptible to mechanical damage, corrosion medium place and lead to the ground from the height of 2.0m to the under ground 0.2m place, must be added a protective casing, protective casing inside diameter should not less than 1.5 times of cable diameter.

2.The distance between the buried cables and the nearby electric cables and trenches shall not be less than 2m and the crossing distance shall not be less than 1m.

3.Buried cable joint should be located in the junction box on the ground, junction box should be waterproof, dustproof, mechanical damage, and stay away from flammable, explosive, prone to corrosion.

4.The overhead cable should be laid along the poles, stents or walls, and fixed by insulators, the binding line must be insulated wire, fixed point spacing should ensure that the cable can bear the load brought by the weight, laying height should meet the overhead line laying height requirements, But the maximum sag distance along the wall when laying shall not be less than 2.0m.

5.Engineering cable lines must be buried by the introduction of cable, is prohibited through the introduction of scaffolding. Vertical cable laying should take full advantage of the construction of the shaft, vertical holes, etc., and should be close to the center of electricity load, the fixed point of each floor shall not be less than one.Cable horizontal laying should be fixed along the wall or door, the maximum sag distance of not less than 2.0m.

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