What are the Favorite Advantages of ACSR?


The advantages of the steel core aluminum stranded wire is a very simple composition, but there are very powerful, can be used in high voltage high rack, ensure the voltage output can be normal operation. In some places, the geographical conditions are very special. For example, in long rivers and high mountains, the strands can be maintained in a large span without breaking. The appearance of the twisted wire reduces the difficulty of installing the high-voltage electricity. If there is a lot of wind and no fear of being pulled, it can be used for longer periods of time in harsh environments, ensuring that there is no need for repairs and replacements for long periods of time. The production cost of the strands is relatively low, which can save a large part of the installation cost. Another very important advantage is that it can carry a very large voltage and current load. If you need a high-intensity current output, you can concentrate the strands together to increase the intensity and speed of propagation,it helps some power stations with large electricity consumption to output electricity. 

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