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 Home wire knowledge

With the development and popularization of household appliances, household electricity consumption increased rapidly, in order to protect the family safe use of electricity, consumers in the purchase, the use of wires should pay attention to the following matters:

1.Wire surface mark

According to the national standard, the wire surface should have the manufacturer name, the product type and the continuous mark of the rated voltage. This is conducive to the use of the wire in the process of problems can be found in time to find the factory, consumers must pay attention to this point when purchase.

2.Wire appearance

Consumers in the purchase of wire should pay attention to the appearance of the wire should be smooth, no damage to the insulation and sheath layer, mark the print clear. From the cross-section of the wire, the entire circumference of the wire insulation or sheath thickness should be uniform,insulation or sheath should have a certain thickness.

3.Standard use

Should be standardized wiring, fixed line is best to use BV single core wear pipe, pay attention to the wiring do not touch the wire, in the room decoration do not touch the wire; in the middle of the line do not connect; wire access to the electrical box (box) Do not touch the line; the other electricity consumption of household appliances such as air conditioning, etc. should be a separate power supply; weak, strong electric wire is best to maintain a certain distance.

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