Manufacturing Technology of Steel Core Aluminum stranded Wire

Steel Core Aluminum stranded Wire

1.Single line fracture

The main reason:

1) The single-wire on-line disk is loosely wound, or the single-wire is stretched too tightly on the wire position;

2) The threading tube creates a groove due to friction, causing the line to be embedded; Single line knotting, or the wire reel brakes tightly. Single-line knotting or setting-out disc brake too tight.

Measures taken:

1) Check if the single line is uneven or have the phenomenon of pressing line, attention should be paid to the neatness of the arrangement of the winding tray in the drawing process.

2) It is necessary to replace the worn pipe with serious wear in time;

3) Check whether the top rotation of the coil is flexible, and ensure that the bearing is well lubricated; Check whether the tension setting of the pay-off reel is uniform, and adjust the tension according to the actual situation.

2. Single line arching, Loose, Serpentine bend

The main reason: the choice of pitch diameter ratio is unreasonable; the position and distribution of each single line on the stranding plate of the stranded cage are not uniform; the hole diameter of the die is too large; the tension of individual single wires is too large.

Measures taken:

1. First, select the appropriate pitch-to-diameter ratio, the twist-in rate, the joint pitch length, and the twisted-to-direction parameters before production. They are of good quality to the product,stability,strength, the resistance and the material consumption have a direct effect;

2. Reasonably adjust the position distribution of the single line on the distribution board according to the work experience;

3. Select a suitable pressure cell, generally requires the die diameter to be smaller than the wire outer diameter by 0.3-0.5mm;

4. It is necessary to adjust the tension of the pay-disc disc reasonably to ensure that the tension of each single thread is moderate and consistent;

5. Adjust the back-twisting device so that the angle should be the same to eliminate the internal stress generated during the processing.

6. Try to reduce the number of stops during the stranding process and try to produce at a constant speed.

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