Which Industries are Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wires Suitable for?

Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wires

The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire has the advantages of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, favorable distribution across rivers and valleys, good electrical conductivity, sufficient mechanical strength and high tensile strength. The tower distance can be enlarged and so on.

Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is widely used in various electrical equipment, such as mobile power cords for household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used indoors or outdoors. According to the mechanical external force of the cable, the product structure is divided into light, medium and heavy, and there is also a proper connection in the cross section. Generally, light rubber cable is used in household appliances and small electric equipment. It is required to be soft, lightweight and has good bending performance. Medium-sized rubber cable is widely used in agricultural electrification except for industrial use. Heavy-duty cables are used in port machinery, searchlights, etc. Large-scale hydraulic irrigation and drainage stations in the home industry.

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