What is the Advantage of a Steel-core Aluminum Strand?

Steel-core Aluminum Strand

The advantages of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire are excellent in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance: When the surface of the steel core aluminum strand is in contact with air, a thin and strong oxide layer is formed immediately. This oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion. Aluminum has the characteristics to withstand the harshest environments, so aluminum as a tray is much better than other wires.

The mechanical properties of the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire are that the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire has low resilience, high flexibility, good bending performance, and easier terminal connection. Special formulation and heat treatment processes greatly reduce the tendency of metals to creep under heat and pressure. The coefficient of thermal expansion is slightly higher than that of other types of cables, and it expands or contracts more. The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire greatly improves the connection performance of the traditional aluminum cable, which is the root cause of its popularity. Especially when the conductor is in contact with fire, it will produce high-strength creep resistance, which ensures connection stability even under prolonged overload and overheating. The advantages of the stranded wire are numerous and worthy of the user's choice.

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