What are the Precautions in the Use of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire?

Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is mainly composed of a combination of steel wire and aluminum wire, which is mainly used in overhead lines for power transmission. The main function of the aluminum wire is to transport electricity, the main function of the steel wire is to strengthen the robustness and strength of the line.

What are the precautions in the use of steel core aluminum stranded wire? The first is to pay attention to the maximum voltage that it can reach or withstand. Before buying or installing, you should fully understand the voltage and current conditions you need to transmit, and then choose the model that matches it. Secondly, the safety problem during the installation process is also very important, because it is usually applied to the transmission project of overhead lines, so be sure to have a professional installer to install it. It can not only ensure the safety of personnel during the installation process, but also provide reasonable installation, pre-designed safety distances with buildings or trees, etc.

In the installation and use of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, only the details of various aspects can be fully considered to ensure the normal transmission of power after installation and to ensure its safety.

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