Comparison between Nylon Sheathed Wire and Ordinary Wire

Nylon Sheathed Wire

Disadvantages of ordinary structural wires

1.The overload capacity and short-circuit heat capacity of common wires are small. The long-term working temperature is 70°C and they cannot tolerate higher ambient temperatures. At the same time, PVC insulation will shrink when heated and affect the safety of circuit work.

2.The mechanical strength of the insulating layer is relatively low, and it can easily be bitten by a rodent to cause a power supply accident.

3.When wires are laid near oil-stained, oil-vapor kitchens or oil depots, due to the oil and chemicals are present.Its insulation will swell, resulting in aging, cracking, loss of mechanical and physical properties resulting in wire scrapping.

4.It is easy to damage the insulation layer when laying pipes and cause hidden troubles in power supply.

5.When moisture invades the wire, the loss of the insulating medium increases, the insulation resistance decreases, and the service life of the wire is affected.

Advantages of nylon sheathed wire

1.Nylon-sheathed wire have excellent mechanical properties and their tensile strength is more than 5.5 times that of polyvinyl chloride, which is known as "soft armor."

2.Good heat resistance, can work up to 121℃, and nylon is a two-state material, only the glassy and viscous flow state, there is no high elasticity, even at 150℃ high temperature can not see the obvious deformation.

3.Excellent wear resistance.

4.Good chemical stability, oil resistance, hydrocarbon resistance, etc.

5.Because the outer diameter of nylon sheathed wire is reduced, in the same inner diameter wire tube, the diameter of the wire is larger and the number of roots is more.

6.It has excellent self-lubricating property, which makes the pipeline easy to pipe-through, high working efficiency, and can effectively prevent the damage of wire piercing.

7.The insulation shrinkage of nylon wire is significantly reduced, which can reduce the exposed part of conductor in connection with other electrical appliances, and improve the safety of wire working.

Performance comparison of nylon sheathed wires and ordinary wire

Comparison program model 1.5-10mm2 Performance comparison
Diameter Weight Heat overload Thermal stability Wear-resisting Oil Construction
BV D W inferior general general general good
BVN 0.89D 0.93W optimal optimal optimal optimal optimal
Note: D wire products outside diameter,W- wire product weight.

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