Comparison of Overhead Cable and Overhead Insulated Cable

1.Overhead cables: Uninsulated, bare metal conductors, erected in the air, fixed to the tower with insulator strings, insulated with air. The main advantages: low cost. Disadvantage is occupied land resources (corridor) more affect the city appearance.

2.Overhead insulated cables: Isolation of metal conductors from the outside world by means of insulating media, laying on the ground or underground. The main advantage of laying more convenient, less land occupation of land, does not affect the city appearance. The disadvantage is the cost is too high. In terms of safety, at present, it is believed in the industry that the overhead line is superior to power cables in terms of material and manufacturing process, and its failure rate is far lower than that of power cables. In addition, there is a "pipe insulation bus bar", which is filled with SF6 gas (or other) between the conductor and the metal shell as an insulating medium. Higher costs.

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