Overhead Insulated Cable Classification and Installation

Overhead Insulated Cable

First, the classification of overhead insulated cables

Overhead cable lines are divided into hanging overhead cable lines and self-supporting overhead cable lines.

Second, overhead insulated cable installation

1.Hanging aerial cable laying lines include: the selection of hanging lines, the installation of cable plywood, laying hanging line, hanging line connection, to the end, tighten the line and so on.

Suspension all plastic cable lines have pre-hook method, moving the side of the pulley put the side hanging method, the fixed pulley traction law and the car traction pulley hanging law.

2. Self-supporting overhead cable lines, do not need to set up additional hanging lines and hanging cable hooks, but must be used for self-supporting special iron pieces, as long as the installation of the curved groove splint device can be laid cable, and then tighten the self-supporting steel wire to do terminal.

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