Power Cable Fire Prevention Technology

Power cable is an important part of maintain the normal operation of power plants and substation. Cable in the power plant and substation within the Widely distributed, the flammability of the cable, the cable fire string of ductility, the consequences of cable fire consequences, the cable fire work by the power sector, fire agencies and scientific research institutions attach great importance. In view of the multiple fire safety incidents, it is necessary to discuss the fire safety measures of the cable.

1.To create a good operating environment to avoid cable insulation accelerated aging and damage

Should avoid the cable fire door in a normally closed state, with a fire baffle to completely close the cable and other affect cable ventilation and cooling practices.

2.To strengthen the preventive test of the cable

Cable test can not just look at the test data failed, but also the data should be compared and analyzed.

3.Strengthen the management of cable head production quality and operation monitoring

In general, the cable head is the cable insulation of the weak links, so to strengthen the monitoring and management of the cable head is an important part of the cable fire. Terminal cable head must not be placed in the cable trench, cable tunnel, cable box, cable sandwich.

4. To prevent other equipment on fire,ignition the cable.

5.The use of sealing, blocking, coating, insulation, packaging and other measures to prevent the cable flame.

Important cable channels should be fitted with automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing devices such as water spray and water mist fire extinguishing devices to achieve early detection of early rescue.

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