Product Application of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire Manufacturer

Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

Gongyi steel core aluminum stranded wire manufacturer mainly produces single-layer and multi-layer reinforced steel core. The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire processed by the manufacturer is mainly used in the circuit transportation industry and power engineering industry. The products can achieve ideal in the process of use,there has never been broken circuit phenomenon.

The steel core aluminum stranded wire of Gongyi ACSR manufacturer is equipped with small steel wire inside, which is mainly used to stabilize the transmission of current. The outer part of the product is repeatedly wound with refined aluminum wire, which can enhance the hardness of the product. Better to power transmission effect. High-voltage circuit output paths are often limited, and a large amount of current is output together, which may cause disasters. The current capacity output of the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is large, which can solve this problem well.

Gongyi Shengzhou ACSR manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories, ordinary strength, high strength and extra high strength steel wire, which can be selected according to the field of use. The product model produced by the manufacturer conforms to the national regulations. The standard, size, quality will not cause any problems, please rest assured that the public friends.

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