What are the Transportation Steps for Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Manufacturers?


The products of Gongyi Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Manufacturer are of good quality, are not easy to break and are not easy to draw, are durable, long-lasting and environmentally adaptable. They can be used in high temperature and low cold. It is an ideal metal material. After the production of the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, in order to ensure that the product can reach the customer's place intact, it is necessary to do a good job of transporting the product and let the product reach the destination smoothly.

The steps of the Gongyi ACSR manufacturer in transportation are roughly divided into the following steps:

The first step is to confirm whether the quantity of the product is correct, whether the quality of the product is passed, and choose the appropriate transportation method to ensure that it is not overloaded and will not damage the product.

The second step is to do a good job of packaging and protection of the product. Generally, the coils are wound in a circle to protect the strands, and put on the appropriate outer layer of packaging to prevent the vibration of the car bumps.

The third step is to load the goods. During this period, be careful not to bump the products, but also pay attention to personal safety.

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