How to Divide the Specification of Household Wire

With the continuous progress of society, in our daily life, the cables and wires are used in large quantities. The demand for electric wires in the market is increasing, and the specifications and models of electric wires are numerous. So what are the specifications of household electric wires?

How to divide the specification of household wire?

BVV is a national standard code, which is copper sheathed wire BVV2×2.5 mm2 and BVV2×1.5 mm2, representing 2 cores 2.5 mm2 and 2 cores 1.5 mm2 respectively.

Household power cords should use BVV2 x 2.5 mm2 and BVV2 x 1.5 mm2 models of wires. One-way air conditioning special line with BVV2 x 4 mm2, with a dedicated ground wire. Under normal circumstances, BVV2 x 2.5 mm2 as the main line, trunk, BVV2 x1.5 mm2 as a single electrical branch wire, switch line.

Home-installed wire specifications: BVV2×2.5 The length of each roll is 100±5 meters, and the length of non-regular products ranges is 60-80 meters. You can ask the merchant to cut the cable, see copper core material. BVV2 x 2.5mm2 copper core diameter 1.784 mm, you can measure with micrometer.

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