Selection of Wire and Cable

First, the requirements of wire and cable selection

1.When selecting, you should fully understand the wire and cable variety specifications, structure and performance characteristics to ensure the product's performance and prolong life. Wires and cables used in electrical equipment are resistant to high temperatures, cold-resistant, have different softness, and also have shielding properties, and must be reasonably selected according to the conditions of use.

2.The selection of wires and cables should be considered in conjunction with the use of connection products and reasonable wiring design of the whole machine. In the wire and cable line layout design, various external damage and interference factors (mechanics, heat, lightning, electricity, etc.) should be avoided as much as possible. Factor) or take appropriate protective measures. The distance, position difference, fixed method and spacing in the laying, the form and performance of the joint connector, the configuration method, the cooperation with other line equipment, etc., must be carefully studied and properly designed to ensure the wire and cable reliable use.

Second, wire and cable selection elements

When selecting cable, the elements of cable must be determined according to the performance and operating conditions of cable, and the cable should be selected according to the elements. For general purpose cables, the elements to be considered include: cable color, type, conductor section or wire gauge, maximum current (current carrying capacity, voltage level, ambient temperature, conductor DC resistance, etc.)

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