The Advantages of Rubber Cable

Rubber Cable

1.Frequent movements.The work needs to move frequently,the sheathing is required to have better wear resistance. Electric drill cable in addition to often moving drill and drag, require a certain tensile force.The excavator cable is continuously rolled up and placed in the unit, and the winding well is dragged on the ground.

2.Frequently bent. Electric drill cable and extractor cable are the most serious. In particular, the cable is connected to an electric drill or a mining machine and is subjected to bending, torsion, and tension. The cable is required to have good flexibility and resistance to multiple bending and twisting.

3.Mechanical damage. Cables used in mining areas are easily damaged by fallen ores or rocks, or are overwhelmed by large ore and other equipment (such as mine cars) and materials, and they cause electrical short circuits by flattening cables. In mine cable accidents, the ratio is the highest.

4.It's not easy to burn. Coal mines and other mines have gas, easy to explosive and flammable. The cable insulation is not easy to ignite after the insulation is damaged; the cable does not secondary burn ignite to avoid expanding the scope of the accident.

5.Better electrical performance and safety protection system. The mine is extremely humid, with lots of water, and the cables are in direct contact with the workers; therefore, the cables are required to have sufficient electrical strength and good insulation properties. When external mechanical damage occurs and an electrical short-circuit accident occurs, a sensitive and reliable power-off protection system should be used to cut off the power in time; therefore, priority is given to the development of shielded cable types.

6.The downhole handling condition is poor, the cable is required to be light, small, easy to use and easy to overhaul.

7.The high-voltage cables used in open-pit mines are required to withstand weather aging.

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