The model of ACSR is divided into: JL/G1A, JL/G1B, JL/G2A, JL/G2B, JL/G3A

Among them: G1A or G1B refers to ordinary strength steel wire.

G2A or G2B refers to high strength steel wire.

G3A refers to ultra high strength steel wire.

Model difference: Take JL/G1A-240/30 ACSR as an example.

In the national standard (GB/T1179-2008) to a JL/G1A- 240/30 said.

In the national standard (GB/T1179-1983) to a LGJ - 240/30 said.

Main application

For high-voltage transmission lines, because of the limited path of the lines, it is impossible to put multiple lines on one path. People have come up with the use of a path, a set of towers, and a number of wires, that is, one line is equivalent to multiple lines. The method of the line; For 500KV transmission lines, most of our country adopts the method of hanging four wires. This kind of wire-line method is called the same tower and parallel frame.

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