Application Area for Overhead Insulated Conductors

Overhead Insulated Conductors

Suitable for wooded places. Bare wire erection line, in areas with more trees,often the erection of lines, maintenance and forestry greening are opposed to each other. The use of overhead insulated conductors can reduce tree felling (early erection and operation and maintenance phases), solve many problems, reduce conflicts with greening, forestry and other departments, protect the ecological environment, beautify the city appearance, and reduce the number of lines. Ground Fault.

Used for flying metal dust and polluted areas.In the old industrial area, metal processing enterprises often fly metal dust in the wind because environmental protection is not up to standard.In thermal power plants, chemical plant pollution areas, caused by short-circuit overhead distribution lines, grounding fault.The use of overhead insulated conductors is a good way to prevent short-circuit grounding of 10 kV distribution lines.

Suitable for salt spray areas. Salt spray corrosion on bare wires is very serious, so that the bare wire tensile strength is greatly reduced, encountered wind and rain, lead to wire breakage, resulting in short-circuit grounding accident, shorten the life of the line. Overhead insulated conductors are used to prevent salt spray corrosion. Because of the protection of a layer of insulation, the salt spray can reduce the corrosion of the conductor, delay the aging of the line, and extend the service life of the line.

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