The Use of Overhead Cable Features

Overhead Cable

First, the implementation of production standards

1.1kV overhead insulated cable: GB12527-90 is equal to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60502, IEC227;

2.10kV overhead insulated cable:GB14049-93 is equal to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60502.

Second,use features

1.Rated voltage:0.6/1KV、10KV;

2.Long-term allowable working temperature of the cable: PVC insulation is 70 ℃, XLPE insulation is 90 ℃;

3.Short circuit (the longest time does not exceed 5 seconds), the maximum temperature of overhead cable: PVC insulation is 160 ℃, high density PE insulation 150 ℃, XLPE insulation 250 ℃;

4.Cable laying ambient temperature of not less than -20 ℃;

5.The permissible bending radius of the cable:

(1)Rated voltage below 1kV: the cable outside diameter (d) less than 25mm, should not be less than 4D, the cable outer diameter (d) is 25mm and above, should not be less than 6d;

(2)Rated voltage 10KV cable should not be less than 20 (D + d). Where: the actual outside diameter of the D-cable, d-the actual outside diameter of the cable conductor.

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