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BVR Copper Wire

Introduction of BVR Copper Wire

Product: BVR Copper Wire

Academic name: Copper Core PVC Soft Wire

Model: BVR

Standard: JB8734-2012

Conductor material: Non-oxidized copper core (copper content: 99.99%)

Number of cores: single core

Insulation materials: PVC

Specifications: 0.75~185mm²

Rated voltage: 450/750V

Colour: red, yellow, blue, green, black Yellow-green color etc

Application of BVR Copper Wire

This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V and below, requiring the use of fire-retardant occasions of electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, power equipment and lighting lines fixed laying.

Features of BVR Copper Wire

The long-term permissible operating temperature of all types of cables shall not exceed 70 ℃. The laying temperature of the cable shall not be less than 0 ℃. The outer diameter (D) is less than 25 mm cable allowed bending radius should not less than 4D. The outer diameter (D) of 25mm and above the allowable bending radius of cable should not be less than 6D.

Structure diagram



Model of BVR Copper Wire

The insulation materials and sheath materials of BVR copper wire is PVC. BVR copper wire according to the different properties, the product can be divided into insulation, flame retardant, fire-resistant three categories, different uses of different categories:

Designation Use occasion
BVR Copper Core PVC Soft Wire Power, electrical instruments and automation devices
ZR-BVR Copper Core PVC Flame-retardant Soft Wire With a fire-retardant requirements of electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, power equipment and lighting lines fixed laying.
NH-BVR Copper Core PVC
Fire-resistant Soft Wire
Control, monitoring circuits, power, line protection and other occasions, as well as large-scale construction, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, cable, ship, personnel-intensive industries have higher flame retardant and fire resistance requirements
Technical parameters

cross section
Nominal insulation thickness(mm) Upper limit of average outer diameter(mm) 20℃ Maximum
conductor resistance
70℃ Minimum insulation resistance
Copper core Tinned copper core
0.75 7 2.9 24.5 24.8 0.013
1 7 3.1 18.1 18.2 0.012
1.5 7 3.4 12.1 12.2 0.011
2.5 19 4.1 7.41 7.56 0.011
4 19 4.8 4.61 4.7 0.009
6 19 5.3 3.08 3.11 0.0084
10 49 7.3 1.83 1.84 0.0072
16 49 8.6 1.15 1.16 0.0062
25 98 10.2 0.727 0.734 0.0058
35 133 11.7 0.524 0.529 0.0052
50 133 13.9 0.387 0.391 0.0051
70 189 16 0.268 0.27 0.0045
95 259 18.2 0.193 0.195 0.0044
120 259 19.8 0.153 0.154 0.004
150 336 22.2 0.124 0.126 0.004
185 427 24.6 0.0991 0.1 0.004
Note: NH-BVV, ZR-BVV and BVV for the same series, so the structural parameters are the same

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