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Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant power cable

Cable full name

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant crosslinking of PVC power cable


This product is suitable for power station,subway, tunnel, high-rise buildings, theaters, petrochemical industry etc. and other fixed laying occasions has special fire-retardant requirements. Rated voltage of power transmission and distribution system is0.6/1 kv . Cable product performance in line with GB12706-2002 standards, combustion performance in line with IEC332, IEC754 and IEC1034 standard requirements.


Characteristics of low smoke zero halogen cable: when the fire broke out, spread slowly, low smoke density, high visibility, harmful gas release quantity is small, convenient for personnel evacuation.Combustion gas corrosive small, also avoids the damage to the equipment.The characteristics of low smoke zero halogen cable material in ageing resistance and resistance to ultraviolet light and other radiation performance is greatly improved, so as to prolong the service life of the cable.

Cable bending radius:

Non-armored cable should be not less than 6 times the cable diameter, armored or copper cable shielding structure should be not less than 12 times the cable diameter.

Laying installation

Cable laying should use special tools, such as motorized, guide roller, etc., to prevent mechanical damage during the process of laying, away from heat source.
When cable laying and wear tube, pipe diameter not less than 1.5 times of cable diameter, when multiple cable wear pipe to prohibit the cable extrusion, the area of the cable does not exceed 40% of the total area of the tube.

Operating characteristic

1. The tensile strength is larger than general PVC wire: general PVC wire tensile strength is greater than 1.05 kgf/mm2, and low smoke zero halogen wire and tensile strength is greater than 1.2 kgf/mm2.

2. Has a good weather resistance (-30 ℃ -105 ℃);

3. Has a good softness (hardness 80-90);

4. Non-shifting;

5. Burning does not produce toxic black smoke (will produce a small amount of white smoke);

6. Has a high volume resistivity;

7. Has good resistance to high voltage characteristics;

8. Has good flexibility and viscosity.


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